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Pensamentos Nómadas

Nomadic Thoughts - Pensées Nomades - Кочевые Мысли - الأفكار البدوية - 游牧理念

White Helmets, humanists or terrorists? (3/3), by Luís Garcia



White Helmets, humanists or terrorists 3-3


Luís Garcia POLITICA SOCIEDADE  Fake News   in english   


After reading the first and second part of White Helmets, humanists or terrorists?, I advise you to watch the videos in two lists below, especially the first one, in which Vanessa Beeley explains, in an exhaustive manner, the origin of the White Helmets, who finances it and who is behind this organization that produces terrorist propaganda. 

 its context and how people / countries / corporations behind the terrorist propaganda body.


Documentaries about the White Helmets


The White Helmet exposed, by Vanessa Beeley


UK Column - Syria White Helmets: Humanitarians or Executioners


White Helmets, humanist-terrorism


CROSS TALK - Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett & Patrick Henningsen expose the White Helmets


 This ISIS video proves White Helmets work for ISIS


 Tapestry of terror, White Helmets exposed as FSA terrorists linked with ISIS


Interesting videos about the White Helmets


White Helmets attending a public execution in Syria (today, May 19th,.2017)


Error of judgment’ White Helmets apologize for bizarre mannequin challenge video



Netflix and the White Helmets, hand in hand with al-Qaeda



The White Helmets, a Western ONG Terrorist Organization


Who are the White Helmets


Marcus Papadopoulos exposing British government and the White Helmets on the BBC


Struggling for peace, ‘White Helmets’ Nobel Prize nomination sparks controversy 


White Helmets - Faked rescue vs Mannequin Challenge


Who are the White Helmets 


White Helmets Meeting Directly Links Fake Aid Organization to FSA Terrorist Groups


And, finally, a massive White Helmets photo cache proves Hollywood gave Oscar to terrorist group:


Luís Garcia, 19.05.2017, Ribamar, Portugal


Read the first part here: White Helmets, humanists or terrorists? (1/3)

Read the second part here: White Helmets, humanists or terrorists? (2/3)



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