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White Helmets, humanists or terrorists? (2/3), by Luís Garcia



White Helmets, humanists or terrorists 2-3


Luís Garcia POLITICA SOCIEDADE  Fake News   in english   


The White Helmets  according to those who don’t believe in the White Helmets


White Helmets Mannequin Challenge

What is (was) the Mannequin Challenge promoted by the White Helmets? Before the explanation, nothing better than to watch this video:



According to the White Helmets, the event had as na objective to raise the awareness of the public on the war in Syria through the macabre act of putting makeup and then to pose to the photography, white pretending to be injured or dead. To give the example, the White Helmets themselves, as if a supposedly rescue organization had nothing else to do during an armed conflict, produced their own mannequin by simulating being injured under the debris. Worse than that, it was not only makeup for the supposed campaign, since what we have just watched wasn’t a photo, but rather a video with a guy staging an injury and, worse, much worse, from the total silence and immobility it passes immediately to bomb explosion and a crowd yelling in desperation! No, it’s not “just another photo” for the most recent and absurd “sensitivity campaign” by the White Helmets. No, it’s the proof that these people are more interested in staging than saving lives, that they have human and technological resources to do it, that they have free time to do it, and the they stage it pretty well. More than that, due to the critics that this video provoked, a few hours later the White Helmets themselves admitted that their action had been provoked by an “error of judgment” and they removed the publication where the video appeared. Worse then than, much worse, in spite of the scandal that sprouted from the video and the posterior self-censoring, even so, and despite the fact that the White Helmets themselves having clarified that the video was nothing more than a montage for the event “Mannequin Challenge”, the person who was rescued in the video posted in his Facebook account a photo taken after the rescue staging as if had been real, and taking advantage of the moment to thank the heroic White Helmets for having “taken me from under the debris”. Look at the image below, the rescued man is the one with the face covered in Nivea:     


resgate da treta


Watch the resume of the mess on this video of Russia Today:



And now, after having known all of this, it is supposed for me to believe in the following image or do I have the right to doubt the integrity of the gentlemen of the White Helmets who supposedly saved the buried man who seemed to be himself a member of the White Helmets in a supposed rescue mission?


De acordo com a Reuters, esta sua foto mostra um membro dos White Helmets preso em destroços causados por um bombardeamento do governo sobre Aleppo no dia 27.07.2014


Economic and political independency

The White Helmets, in their official site, guarantee that they are independent and that they don’t receive funds from any government. That’s a lie, because Mister Mark Toner, spokesman for the State Department of the US, guarantees that the US donated (at least) 23 million dollars to the White Helmets!



It’s a lie, because Mister Boris Johnson, Secretary of State of the United Kingdom for the External Affairs and the British Commonwealth, guarantees that the United Kingdom has donated 65 million pounds to the White Helmets:



Also the French government has publicly admitted, through the site of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to having financed the White Helmets. Here is the link to the document:


Yes, the link is broken, of course. Ask the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs why. I only discovered that the link no longer works today, when it was copied to be included in this article. Even so, if you want to verify that this publication in fact existed, search for “Support for Independent Arab media: CFI, operator of the French Ministry of the Foreign Affairs, strengthens its position (January 2014)" on Google, and it’s the first search result. And the link appears, but it doesn’t work anymore.



They don’t use nor even carry weapons with them?

Another lie. A few quick Google or YouTube searches easily prove the contrary. Here are two videos as examples:




The credibility of its leader

Raed Saleh, president of the organization White Helmets, would supposedly receive from the US a prize for the “humanitarian work” developed in Syria but, arriving at Dallas airport, he was told that his visa had been cancelled for unknown reasons and was immediately deported. Later, the State Department of the US admitted that Raed Saleh’s visa had been cancelled due to the fact that his name was present in a list of potential terrorists organized by the US government. You don’t say!



Confronted by journalists for the enormous contradiction between the fact that the US government had been financing the White Helmets and, at the same time, the US government including the president of the White Helmets in a list of potential terrorists, Mister Mark Toner, spokesman for the State Department of the US, completely screwed up, as you can see in this video: 



As the journalist poses as a question right at the end, “it doesn’t make sense, why are US taxpayers funding a group which leader was prohibited from entering in the US” to receive a prize for his humanitarian acts?


A Syrian organization or one created by Syrians?

No, it’s not. It’s a foreign organization created by James Le Mesurier, a British security consultant, ex-military, specialist in military outsourcing for countries which love to invade others, Blackwater (now, Academy) being a perfect example, a military enterprise that with its mercenaries provides private security services to its clients (and that in its spare time create secret prisons and torture centers as the one in Abu Ghraib). 



Neutrality and impartiality

If you take the time to visit the White Helmets’ site you can read that they present themselves as neutral and impartial. Nothing amazing coming from an organization that rescues injured people. What may amaze is the fact that, contrary to what they affirm, they are not neutral nor impartial at all. Proofs? Here you have 4, although there are many others online.


In the first 2 we can see 2 members of the White Helmets with their feet on Syrian soldiers’ corpses while they do the V sign of victory with their fingers.




In this one, we see a famous face of the White Helmets informing that he will drop the corpses of Syrian soldiers in the dump (I have confirmed the translation from Arabic to English with PressTV journalist Ali Musawi)!



And in this one we see the same gentleman clearly affirming that he supports his “mujahideen brothers” (read terrorists):



And then, seriously, how can a NGO be neutral or impartial which: firstly, only operates in territories occupied by “rebel” forces composed in a great part by foreign mercenaries; secondly, it operates illegally in Syria; thirdly, it appeals to the UN for the creation in Syria of a no-flight zone like the one whose consequences were to transform Libya, that modern and developed country, into a lunar landscape.


Pacifists, humanitarians, solidary

Neither pacifists nor humanists nor solidary nor impartial nor neutral. No. Members of an organization of response to emergencies, composed by supposed voluntaries, and that label with the 5 adjectives that I just mentioned, cannot be present in a summary execution of a Syrian citizen, pacifically assisting to such a barbaric act committed by the terrorist organization al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria). Moreover, they didn’t shouldn’t even hang out pacifically with terrorist organizations, with or without summary execution! Why? Because it is illegal to hang out with members of an organization like al-Qaeda, considered as terrorist by the entire planet! Watch the videos below:




Do not Forget that the White Helmets never contented themselves with making an official communication to explain this atrocity, even though they guarantee that their position in face of the horrors of the conflict is to always protest against any violation of human rights!


The content creation

There are many forms of having online access to proofs that the “proofs” of the White Helmets about the “barbaric acts of the bloodthirsty al-Assad” and the “imperialist Putin”, are pure lies, cheap propaganda. A little search on Google about the subject will let the reader occupied the entire day, and will allow you to notice the fact that these are the “proofs” that you saw over the last years on mainstream media like BBC, CNN or RTP!


I propose a specific source that I follow for a long time, the Facebook account of Mister Tim Anderson, but there are much more credible and interesting sources.


The false proofs of Syrian-Russian barbarism produced by the White Helmets and its sister organizations are divided in various categories:

  • Images taken from films or videoclips;
  • Real images from Syria used several times, with dates, victims’ names and different localizations;
  • Images from other conflicts (Gaza, Afghanistan, etc.);
  • Images of destruction demonstrably performed by the rebels but attributed to Syrians and Russians;
  • Staging, sometimes grotesquely, in unknown localizations, then attributed to localizations where there weren’t any White Helmets;
  • Use of the same “victim” over and over again, sometimes with the exact same clothing and scenario, but of course, with a different hero performing the rescue;
  • Among others.


Here are 2 slideshows with 20 examples of the points above. If you want to see more, visit the Facebook of Tim Anderson or search on Google.


 Slideshow 1



Notice that right in the first montage, on the inferior right corner, it appears Bana Aladeb (the little blogger girl from Aleppo) in the company of a known “rebel” terrorist? Whatever.


Slideshow 2


And now a special photo, of an injured Syrian soldier who then supposedly would have received medical treatment from the White Helmets. But that didn’t happen, on the contrary, the same images of this Syrian soldier appear on a site of the (al-Nusra) al-Qaeda, in which we get to know that, after all, he was a “Shiite pig” and was executed!


especial - artigo.jpg


The horrors of Aleppo

According to Western media that adore to cite the White Helmets and the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, in accordance to their supposed news, in accordance with the videos and photos that they share in a frenetic manner, we would be lead to believe with 100% certainty this 2 points: firstly, the Russians and Syrians bombarded and killed civilian people on a daily basis in a indiscriminate manner; secondly, the White Helmets didn’t have a second to waste while measuring such a number of injured and dead people to rescue. Nevertheless, the past month of December, after the total liberation of Aleppo by the Syrians (and their allies), how many White Helmets where found in the place? Zero. And White Helmets’ material? None, absolutely none, not even a torn vest, or a lost helmet, nothing, absolutely nothing. As if the White Helmets (and charlatans like the clown Anas al-Basha) have never been in Aleppo, and the their videos and photos were nothing more than staging! Conspiracy theory of mine? It is possible, but I will only turn back on what I just said if someone was capable of showing some proof, a single proof of the White Helmets’ presence found in East Aleppo, now liberated. This stagings would have taken place surely in zones controlled by the “rebel” terrorists (region of Idlib) or inclusively outside Syria. Just some days ago the Egyptian police has apprehended  several journalists cached producing fake news on Syria using for the effect a building in ruins and a painted little girl with torned out clothes and fake blood:


Moreover, it wouldn’t be anything we hadn’t already seen, like the “liberation of Tripoli” in 2011 which after all was filmed in Aljazeera studios in Qatar. It was obvious that the “news” was fake since 3 days after the supposed liberation we could watch on Libyan TV (and I did it) images of anti-Khaddaffi manifestations in which his older son took part. Whatever…



No one ever saw them, nor even know them

A point that is too long, it is not enough to hear or see the report from a Syrian affirming that he didn’t know the White Helmets to be able conclude that the totality of the Syrian people doesn’t know the White Helmets, thus being useless to provide (only) an example. If the reader wants to have an idea of the extension of the White Helmets lie, he has to spend a lot of time analyzing the many documented and collected reports by many people who have been to Syria at war time for the effect.  


I suggest 2 names who I believe to be of common knowledge, Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley. Here are their sites where you can find the reports and referred data:


They are not only not known in the rest of the country but also, where they are found, there are several documented reports on their crimes, namely to execute real members of the Emergency Services of Syria and, after that, to rob and destroy their equipment. Yet again, an extensive search in the extensive work by Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley and others can elucidate you on these crimes.


They provide civil services to almost 7 million people;

No, until there is evidence. As of now, they couldn’t provide anything to 7 million people, since the areas they control are far from containing 1 million people. Then, the only “proofs” of civil services offered to the public are promotional videos from the White Helmets themselves and propaganda videos pro-White Helmets like the ones from AJ+ and company. Now, real proofs? Where are the proofs that show the White Helmets creating electrical installations, water pipes, reconstructing habitations or cleaning the debris provoked by the bombardments? They don’t exist! If someone can provide them, please, share them here.


On the contrary, although it is not the subject of this article, they are easily accessible (through SANA News or Russia Today, among others), the proofs from Syrians and Russians who provide this type of services.


On the contrary, there are not only proofs of the White Helmets creating public services but also many proofs of their friends from al-Qaeda (and company) destructing infrastructures for public services. Examples of that are the destruction of the water network of Aleppo 4 years ago, one of the first targets of the terrorists attacks and that is now being, at last, repaired by the Syrian government. Or, for example, the biggest and most modern hospital of the Middle East for the treatment of cancer, destructed in 2013 by a bomb-car from the “liberating” “rebel” terrorists. By the way, for the subject of fake news, the images from this hospital situated in the outskirts of Aleppo and destructed by the “rebels” were also recycled innumerous times in the mainstream media as “proofs” of the destruction of hospitals in the center of the city, in East Aleppo, by the bombs of the Russian fighter jets! Whatever. Watch the video:



Or the recent poisoning of the water system of Damascus by the “rebels” who thought of put gasoline in the water. And the conducts recently exploded also by the “liberating rebels” in the outskirts of Damascus. Well, it’s a matter for another article.


They are present throughout the entire country, in more than 100 different localizations

No, they are present (or were present) only in some specific zones, the ones that have a frontier with the countries which are allied with the US. Idlib region in the northeast, with the frontier with Turkey. DarAa region in the southeast, with frontier with Jordan and Israel. The rest of the country have never seen them neither do they know that the White Helmets exist, as you can verify with the documented reports by Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley and company. Oh, but there are photos and videos with captured White Helmets in other zones! No, there aren’t. There are just stagings and recyclings of images and videos as Tim Anderson proves so well. I insist, give a good look at the photos by Tim Anderson on Facebook. Proofs, yes, provide me with proofs that can document, for example, the presence of the White Helmets in East Aleppo during the Syrian-Russian conquest from last month. I am yet to see an evidence! And, no, a guy locked in a room talking to CNN livestream is not evidence of the presence of the White Helmets in Aleppo! RTP, Globo, and other disgusting media told us the horrors citing the “White Helmets that were in Aleppo”. No evidence whatsoever!


Doubtful friendships



Doubtful friendships are a perfect tool for the destruction of the reputation of something or someone. And stupidity also helps. An example of this is Mahmoud Raslan, the photographer of the White Helmets who photographed and filmed the rescue of little Omran Daqneesh, a rescue attributed to the White Helmets by themselves! If he was a bit more intelligent and organized, he wouldn’t commit the error of filming himself making a party on the company of members of al-Qaeda or taking selfies with famous terrorists for having decapitated a 12-year-old Palestinian child. To avoiding repeating myself, I invite the reader to this article of mine:   


Another exemple of doubtful friendships is given to us by Muawiya Hassan Agha, a known member of the White Helmets who doesn’t have problems with letting himself being filmed in the presence of members and flags of the terrorist organization al-Qaeda:




Now watch these vídeos where Muawiya Hassan Agha appears, along with members of al-Nusra (al-Qaeda) and, yes, al-Nusra flags:




By now you must already have noticed that shaved beards as the one on the photo of part 1 is a difficult thing of encountering and, consequently, it is difficult to find decency and people of confidence…


Nobel Peace Prize and things like that…

Now tell me, do you think it is normal for these gentlemen and their supporters have made a campaign for the White Helmets to win the Nobel Peace Prize, to the point of being considered the favorites to the prize in 2016? I even think so, it is enough to see the long list of criminals and criminal organizations that have already won the Peace Prize: Henry Kissinger, Barack Obama, the European Union, etc.


They didn’t receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 2016 but they received the 2016 French-German Prize of Human Rights, and even the “special” prize! These French, mad as hell, delivering humanitarian prizes to terrorists in Syria on the same month in which French citizens were held as war prisoners by the Syrian forces, after having been captured in Aleppo on the company of other foreign terrorists, ahah!


And, as if it wasn’t enough, the propaganda machine of the Pentagon – commonly known by the name of Hollywood -, by the hands of the retard George Clooney, propose to produce a (fictional) movie about the White Helmets based on the propaganda documentary by Netflix denominated “The White Helmets”, this one already nominated to the Oscars, ahah!


Well, it’s all for today. I would like to have made the article in more detail but the time is limited. In the third part we will analyze the origins and the gentlemen behind the White Helmets! Until then, stay with this excellent episode from Cross Talk about the White Helmets with the participation of Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley and Patrick Henningsen:


Cross Talk - White Helmets, really?


Luís Garcia, 02.01.2017, Chengdu, China

(Translated by Ricardo Lopes)


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